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January 18 2018

Where to sell panties


Craigslist (Free)
PROS: The anonymous nature of Craigslist is both a gift and a curse. Your buyer won’t know much more than what you’ve detailed in your post, but neither will you until he contacts you. Registration is easy, and its clinical layout may be attractive to some.
CONS: The only website with the dishonor of having more than one killer, its limited HTML support means that you can’t do much to personalize your listings. Craigslist technically doesn’t allow the sale of panties (though many still post anyway in the sales section), so be prepared to have your posts flagged and removed frequently.

Reddit (Free)
PROS: There is already a huge audience for sellers; /r/usedpanties and /r/pantyselling have over 15,000 and 3,000 subscribers respectively. Most sex work related subreddits are moderated closely, so make sure to read the rules and FAQ of your desired subreddit, get verified, and start selling!
CONS: Reddit isn’t just limited to being a community of panty sellers so you should pay attention to how much personal information you divulge. Not unlike Craigslist, the layout easy to use but pretty bare-bones. Cliques can also bury any posts they don’t agree with by downvoting it to oblivion.

Pantydeal (Paid)
PROS: I want this to be my new Facebook. Messaging and friending is essential to navigate the site; like Uber, a peer rating system guarantees friendly behavior. Within minutes, women were spilling life stories. I chatted with buyers for a full 30 minutes before getting asked about my underwear – light years in panty sites. There’s also a large customer base.
CONS: $19/month for full access to selling, video, and review options.

My Used Panty Store (Paid)
PROS: The site bans sellers from using services like PayPal, which bans adult-themed transactions. A feedback system also helps to filter out trolls and time wasters; if any buyer gets a 1-star rating twice, they are banned.
CONS: MUPS’s Web 1.0 interface is filled with confusing dead ends: the “chat lobby”, and “birthdays” section, for example – almost blockading human interaction. You also have to sign up for an annual subscription of around $25 before even getting into the site, a guaranteed barrier.

Panty Zoo (Paid)
PROS: Free to register, certain services available for a nominal fee, webcam enabled
CONS: Very similar to My Used Panty Store, nearly impossible difficult to navigate. Free to get in, but you have to pay to post ads.

January 16 2018

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January 07 2018


not to be nsfw but i want someone to finger me and eat my pussy

January 03 2018

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December 09 2017

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October 26 2017

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Her 23 him 29

October 24 2017

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@sextinate both 19

October 12 2017

September 26 2017

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September 25 2017

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September 14 2017

September 08 2017

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❤  Dans la même envie, je remonte tout…

August 09 2017

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August 05 2017

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July 30 2017

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Slovakia Married Couple

July 19 2017

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July 18 2017

Her body existed only where he touched her. The rest of her was smoke.
Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things 
(via theliteraryjournals)

July 17 2017



Do ppl giggle during sex??

If you can’t laugh during sex you’re having sex with the wrong person.

June 18 2017

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Germaine Krull - Etude de Nu féminin, 1928

June 16 2017

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Helmut Newton

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